King of Fades Barbershop was established in November 2001 by Cornell King, he was a man that had a dream about owning his own shop, Cornell went to New Tyler Barber College in 1999 and he worked at his first shop called Blessed Fades in Little Rock, Ar! After two years of working for somebody, the opportunity came for him to open up his own shop. The location was in Willow Creek Plaza, where he had put a team of men together that was ready to take the barber industry by storm. About 6 months later a operator came along by the name of William McNeely had teamed up with the crew. An opportunity had came for Cornell to buy his second shop after a year of opening his first one, he then asked William to partnership with him on the venture of owning a shop. The year was 2002 and business was good for the two shops and in 2003 the second location had took a blow when it had caught a fire, took a year to get things back up and running.


In 2005 Cornell had then purchased his third shop, to make a dream come true this is by far overwhelming with the success that the business is having.

Then the shop had got nominated for the best shop in Little Rock in 2006 and had won the award for best shop.


In 2011 we made another decision to open up its fourth location in Maumelle, Ar and its currently doing better than we expected and looking to grow more in the years to come. King of Fades Barbershop would like to thank all the clients and patrons that frequents all of our locations and we look forward to servicing you for years to come! Thank you