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 Born May 6, 1971 in Milwaukee, Wis I have 2 brothers and one sister, and one half brother and two half sisters. Moved away from Milwaukee in 1980 to a town called Malvern, Ark, from there is where I graduated from high school and I didnt see a future for me to go to college and play sports, so I decided to go into the U.S. Navy, I enrolled into the delayed entry program while I was a junior in high school and I graduated May 26, 1989 and I left for boot camp on July 24, 1989

First duty station Little Creek, Va on board the USS Spartanburg Cty LST-1192, went to the Persian Gulf from Aug 1990-April 1991, not even being in the service a year i was already a gulf war veteran stayed in Virginia till May 1992 then transferred to Mayport, Fl from May 1992 to Apr 1994 on board the USS Spruance DD-963 at this command I crossed over from deckman to Disbursing clerk, I made third class petty officer and I was given a Navy Achievement Medal for outstanding work on the ship!

The next duty station I went to was PSD Naval Station Norfolk, Va from Apr 1994-August 1997 here is where I made my mark in the Navy, I serviced over 2500 pay records for enlisted and officers, I got to meet some of the most amazing people that help me boost my career to where it is today, working with some of the top military people during this time I also fell in love with barbering!

Now im at the 10 year mark I told myself if I do 10 might as well do 20, so I transferred to the USS Conolly DD-979, on board here i made second class petty officer and I had got my enlisted surface warfare specialist pin, I then decided late in my enlistment that I would get out and pursue me a career in barbering!

I currently work at Cutting Edge Barber Shop and I own 3 barber shops.




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